A Journey Begins

7167202I know…I know… too cliche, nevertheless it is true. Yet, before a single step is taken, any worthy quest requires a good deal of planning and preparation.

This blog post I suppose is a first step of sorts. After a good deal of prayer and meditation I have decided to undertake a new journey of discovery and I invite all of you, my family, friends and all fellow sojourners in life who are directed to or happen to stumble to this site, to participate in this adventure.

If you click on the “About Craig” (that’s me) or the “About the Journey” tabs you will find a little more detail about the what and why but for now, let me just share this mission statement: To seek out contemporary manifestations of the Biblical Christ in Post Modern North America.

You see, I have become somewhat disillusioned, almost disenfranchised, with 21st century western Christianity. Please don’t take that as a whiny statement — if you think I’m whining I’ve lost you already. I just happen to think that there is a whole lot more to the purpose of the church and the work of God in the lives of people than I have witnessed over the past thirty five years as a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. The God of the Bible is much bigger and more powerful than the God of the average church (or the average Christian) in America.

Over the course of the summer I will be taking trips within New England, beginning the search and continuing the planning phase of this project (this might be a good place to insert the Biblical caveat: If it is the Lord’s will). Come fall I will be hitting the road on my motorcycle (Those of you my age or a little older you may remember this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnPIOH8bCfk special thanks to Jim H. for this reminder), heading south first to warmer climes, then heading west across the south. As the temperatures rise I will head north and finally east again toward home. I expect there will be very few straight lines in this journey. I am looking forward to seeing the country from the vantage point of a motorcycle saddle, but more importantly, I will be looking for those manifestations of God, those reflections of the character and nature of Christ, that I am all but certain exist.

Here’s one way you can participate. If you know of people, places or works, that you think are a reflection of Christ, anywhere in the country, please click on the contact tab and send me a quick note. I will do my best to track them down and see if I agree. Another way you can participate is to journey with me vicariously. Stop back often as I intend to write, if not daily, regularly, about what I discover about myself, about God and about his church. It might not all be pretty, but I promise you it will be honest.

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