We Have Ignition – We Have Liftoff

Apollow liftoffAs a kid I remember hearing those words as I watched the televised launch of almost every Gemini and Apollo rocket mission. I don’t recall ever wanting to be an astronaut but those words sparked something of a sense of adventure deep within me lo, those many years ago.

Those words came to mind as I pulled out of my driveway yesterday morning to begin this Emmaus Road Trip that I have been planning for the past few months. We have ignition – we have liftoff! The first day of the trip couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Nice weather and light traffic allowed me to reach Westport, CT in about 3 ½ hours where I had a nice visit with my daughter and her family where they are settling in to a new community. They moved there recently as my son-in-law accepted a new position as the Associate Rector of Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. (Perhaps, like me, you find that name a bit redundant, but it stems from the merger of Christ Church and The Memorial Church of the Holy Trinity back in 1944).

I’m happy to report that I saw the reflection of Christ yesterday in the form of a four-year old boy and a two-year old little girl. Fine, perhaps I am a bit biased since these two darling cherubs are in fact my grandchildren but man can they make me smile! Their joy, their innocence, their zest for life, are simply inspiring. They may not be the type of examples I am looking for in this journey but I sure am glad I had the chance to visit with them at the start of my quest. It helps to remind me of the importance of this search for those people and organizations that serve as the hands and feet of Christ in a world in chaos.

As I departed this morning from Westport, it was raining lightly but steadily. I now sit sipping a hot chocolate in a McDonalds somewhere in Northern NJ trying to warm up before continuing in a southwesterly direction. Oddly enough, Emmaus, PA is a few miles down the road. I’m not sure this is the best route to my goal of Ashburn, VA for tomorrow but how could I not at least ride through Emmaus?

I appreciate your prayers for safety throughout the long ride ahead and particularly on days like this. Remember, I am looking for the reflection of Christ in post-modern America. I am not on a journey to see Him face-to-face just yet.

That will do for this quick update, I trust you will check back often to share in this great adventure. May our God bless you all abundantly.


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